• Which payment methods are accepted?

In order to offer the best market price and the shortest delivery delay, AlloRemoteControl suggests you make a bank transfer payment or use PayPal service. For any purchase on our website, you are automatically insured by BNP Paribas Bank or Paypal customer protection.

Payments made by bank transfer and check are accepted. Your order will be processed and dispatched as soon as the payment is received.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service – – .


  • May I use all remote controls in the same way?

NO !

Generally, every remote control is different, because it is based on a different device. This is the reason why each model is unique and used for a particular purpose. Consequently, not all models are compatible.

AlloRemoteControl recommends you are careful to choose a compatible remote control.

Nevertheless, it is possible for AlloRemoteControl to offer you a fully-compatible remote control. Generally, this alternative offers you the benefit of more competitive prices. AlloRemoteControl offers you an abundance of remote controls for gates and doors, at very competitive prices.

By visiting our website, you will find THE remote control you need thanks to our simple and clear layout.

More Information?

If you wish to ask any question or get more information about a specific product, our section “online help” and/or the contact form are at your disposal.


  • How can I find my remote control ?

On our website AlloRemoteControl, you will find a search engine that will help you find your remote control.

The search engine is useful when your remote control is damaged or the manufacturer logo does not appear on the box.

On our website you can choose different ways to rapidly find your remote control:

  • In the search engine, just insert the name of the manufacturer OR the brand of your remote control. In both cases you will be able to choose between our selection of products from the home page.
  • Or you can identify your remote control thanks to:
    • the number of buttons
    • their colour
    • the colour of your remote control box

The search is easy and automatic >> Search Engine

Find among our models, THE door or gate remote control you need!

Search Engine


  • I did not manage to find my remote control in your online shop list!

If you cannot find your gate or garage door remote control in our list of products, don’t worry! Simply contact us via our Contact link and:

– send us a picture of your remote control (if possible, the internal and external parts); or

– provide us with a detailed description of your remote control (the colours of the box and the keys).

We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


5 Stars Service


  • Remote Control Lost ! How can I find my model ?

If you have lost your remote control, no need to worry, our expertise is at your service to help you!

AlloRemoteControl offers you two solutions:

– in the case of a joint ownership management system, you can contact the people in charge of the management or directly contact the company involved in the construction of the gate or garage door to obtain the references of your remote control or the manufacturer’s brand.

– you can also easily find the frequency of your transmitter on the radio receiver placed on your garage door / gate and send us the frequency. This would significantly help, because generally the receiver and the remote control are manufactured by the same manufacturer.

Once the right reference is found, AlloRemoteControl will make every effort to provide you with the appropriate remote control model.

  • What can I do if my remote control is too big or too small ?

If your remote control does not suit you, do not hesitate to visit our catalogue of gates and garage door remote controls. Our website AlloRemoteControl can offer you many alternative solutions.


Solution !


  • Can I modify the frequency of my transmitter?

No! Unfortunately it’s impossible to modify your transmitter frequency!

The manufacturer creates and secures a unique frequency on your gate remote control during the production process.

Only the remote controls using the same frequency can be considered compatible.


  • Where can I find the frequency of my transmitter?

Finding the frequency of your transmitter is not difficult! Open your gate or garage door remote control box and have a look inside. Generally, the frequency of your remote control is located inside the box.

How to find it?

  1. Open your remote control.
  2. Inside the box, identify the silver coloured part.
  3. You will find the inscription of the frequency on the quartz.

NB: on the Quartz, the frequency of your transmitter is expressed in Mhz.

  • Can a different remote control model with the same frequency be compatible?

No !

Be very careful! You will not be able to use a different gate or garage door remote control to replace your old one, even if they use the same frequency!

In fact, the frequency represents only one of the characteristics that should be taken into account when you buy a remote control!

  • There are different types of existing coding, what are they?

Here you will find a clear and concise classification of the different types of coding that exist on the remote control market:

  1. Coding by mini switches or by manipulating the buttons on the transmitter.
  2. « Coding by learning »: you have to use your original transmitter to transmit the code to the new remote control.
  3. Personalised coding: every transmitter has a unique code.

In the configuration of 1 and 2 you will not have any particular difficulty making a copy of your new remote control from your valid transmitter.

In the case where :

  1. you do not have a valid transmitter, or
  2. your receiver is faulty,

You will have to intervene directly on the receiver, recovering the code or using the programming buttons. In the case of some type A transmitter models an electronic memory replaces the dipswitches. The remote control will therefore be programmed by manipulation of the buttons on the transmitter. (Please download the instructions on the page of the product concerned.)

In the case of configuration 3, the coding is often protected by a security ‘anti-copy’ function. In cases where this function is activated, only a local professional with the necessary equipment can intervene. However, if this function is not activated, you will be able, depending on the model, to easily add a transmitter by following the programming procedure:

• either with a valid transmitter, or

• by an intervention on the receiver.


Coding: the parameters must be copied from the old transmitter.

ON and OFF or 1, 0, -1 observed position DIP switches.

Dip Switches


  • Why some remote control replacements are offered ?

Our site can offer you various alternatives to your remote control for the following reasons:

1. when factories are no longer producing your remote control, or

2. when there is the possibility to supply a cheaper alternative for your remote control garage door or gate.


  • Are batteries included with the remote controls ?

Yes !

You will receive your remote control ready to be used with batteries provided! When you need to change your batteries, you will just need to open the remote control box and easily replace it with a new one.

  • Why should I buy my remote control on your website?

You should buy your remote control on AlloRemoteControl for two simple reasons:

  1. We are offering you a very competitive market selling price (remote control cost).
  2. We offer the best service.

Thanks to our large quantity purchases direct from the manufacturer, we can benefit from the best market prices. Our goal is to provide our customers a fast, efficient service, always at the best possible price!

Best service


  • Why the prices you offer are significantly lower compared to other stores? 

Our objective is to satisfy our consumer expectation in every aspect. This is the reason why we are committed to provide the best quality at the best price! Being purchased directly from the manufacturer, we can allow you to benefit from excellent prices on our remote controls. All our products are 100% originals, with a 1-year warranty and are not replicas.



  • If the remote control does not work, what should I do?

Do not panic, let’s check a few points together:

– Is the remote control coded correctly?

– Is the battery correctly installed?

If your remote control coding is correct and the battery is correctly installed, you can contact us via the Contact page of our site. We will find a solution to all your problems.