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Nice HSKIT1GCFR – Home Alarm system kit – Touchscreen

With this ergonomic, state-of-the-art Nice HSKIT1GCFR – Home Alarm system kit, you can keep your house under control even when your are away!


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Nice HSKIT1GCFR – Home Alarm system kit – Touchscreen

Nice HSKIT1GCFR – Home Alarm system kit is used for wired or wireless installations designed for the protection of residential spaces. It is used to detect intrusion, break-in attempts, fire risks and water leaks.

In the event of an alarm the control unit calls the programmed telephone numbers, transmitting specific messages associated with the event. The user can call the control unit (only via the PSTN land line)  to check and modify status as required,listen to ambient noise and activate electrical utilities,lights, automations, boilers etc.

Nice HSKIT1GCFR – Home Alarm system kit guarantees safe and reliable control of different automations including those associated with the alarm system

It is also equipped with an integrated 106 dB siren, with mute option,and low intensity buzzer.

Nice HSKIT1GCFR – Home Alarm system kit is equipped with a presence detector and an opening detector. It also contains a 4-channel NICE remote control

Nice HSKIT1GCFR control unit works with 230 V power.  12 V/2.2 Ah backup batteries will be also delivered to you to ensure that the device remains on even during power failure.

Alloremotecontrol is fully committed to ensure customers satisfaction, it guarantees a one-year warranty on all its products. You can even get a two-year warranty extension when finalizing your order. (See General Sales Conditions)



Nice HSKIT1GCFR – Home Alarm system kit contains :

– 1 PSTN and GSM control unit, 230 V (ref. : HSCU1GC)
– 1  12 V and 2.2 Ah backup batteries (ref. : BV12V-C)
– 1 Wireless detector of presence (ref. : HSDIM10)
– 1 Wireless door opening detector (ref. : HSDID11)
– 1 4-channel NICE remote control (HSTX4 remote control)

Electrical connection must be made by qualified personnel only!

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