NICE Code keypad- digicode radio MOTXR

Use NICE MOTXR Code keypad to control the access of your gates, garage doors and other home automations easily and effectively.

NICE code keypad – digicode radio MOTXR is no longer manufactured by NICE, it has been replaced by EDSWG. fully compatible.

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NICE code keypad – digicode radio MOTXR

NICE MOTXR code keypad is a 2-channel durable transmitter that can command the control of 2 automations. It has a range of 200 m in open space and 35 m indoors. It is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

This code keypad is tuned to a frequency of 433.92 MHz with Rolling Code technology.

This MOTXR NICE code keypad is easily installed and has a sensor that illuminates it in low light environments.

It is compatible with many rolling-code 433 MHz NICE receivers including  FLOXR, FLOXIR, FLOXI2R, FLOX2R, SMXI and OXI

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You can order this keypad in a vandal proof aluminium case IP54

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