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BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit

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Thanks to the BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 kit, motorize your swing gates now. This kit is complete and will give you the benefit of a reliable and durable motor system.

Presentation of the BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit This kit will allow you to motorize up to 2 swing gates. This kit includes all the accessories necessary for motorizing your swing gates. It represents an effective way to install your engine easily and quickly. It was designed for irreversible electromechanical motors with articulated arms. It can motorize all swing gates weighing less than 200kg and a maximum length of 2 meters. Composition of the kit The BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit is complete and will allow you to install your swing gate motorization with complete peace of mind. It includes: 2 self-locking 24 V articulated arm motors A pair of infrared photocells: DESME A15 A 24 V flashing light (antenna incorporated): RADIUS BLTA024 An electronic control unit (receiver included): THALIA 2 4-channel remote controls ( Rolling code): MITTO RCB04 The technical instructions to help you during installation The centerpiece of this kit is the THALIA control unit. This control center will allow you to control 1 to 2 motors. It is thanks to it that your gate automation will be able to function correctly. The THALIA control center This control center is one of the most popular in the BFT range. It will allow you to control up to 2 motors. However, these engines will both have to be of the same range. It will be able to detect obstacles thanks to electronic adjustment and benefits from a radio receiver integrated into its control unit. The BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit is therefore equipped with two systems for detecting obstacles: the photocells and the central unit. These two systems will further strengthen the security of your automation systems and your property. The THALIA control unit will carry out a check of the photocells before the opening and closing cycle of your motor, to ensure that no obstacle obstructs passage. It can operate at temperatures between -20°C and 55°C, but be careful, it is better to favor an installation protected from rain or hail, in order to maintain optimal efficiency in the long term. The receiver included in your THALIA control unit benefits from the Rolling code security system as well as cloning of transmitters in the event of purchasing a new remote control. This cloning of transmitters is better known as self-learning. Thanks to an integrated screen, be informed on time of the status of your engines. The technical characteristics of the BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit: the VIRGO and VIRGO SQ motors The BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit is an excellent compromise, since it allows you to correctly install your motor, with popular accessories from the BFT brand . In addition to the THALIA control center, you will benefit from the two VIRGO and VIRGO SQ motors, which have a 24 Volt power supply, an absorbed power of 110 Watts, an opening angle of 120°, for an opening maneuver time or 14 seconds closing. You can use these motors at operating temperatures between -15°C and 50°C, for a degree of protection IP44, which will protect your motors from solid bodies and water splashes. The two remote controls integrated into your kit are two MITTO RCB04 remote controls, which are 4-channel remote controls allowing the control of all types of automation from the BFT company. These remote controls operate at a frequency of 433.92 MHz and allow the control of 4 different automations. The BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit on Allo Remotecontrol Find the BFT Virgo Smart BTA 20 Kit now on Allo The product warranty can be extended to two additional years if you choose to purchase your product on Allo Remotecontrol. For any additional information, do not hesitate to visit our General Terms and Conditions, or to contact us by email or telephone.

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