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Universal receiver Marantec Digital 344.2-868 Ref 104966


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The Marantec Digital 344.2-868 2-channel universal receiver will allow you to control your motors with ease. Marantec reference: 104966

Presentation of the Marantec Digital 344.2-868 universal receiver The Marantec Digital 344.2-868 universal receiver is a receiver capable of managing all door, gate and garage door automations. It operates at a frequency of 868.30 MHz. It has an ON/OFF type pulse: the function you choose will apply simultaneously to the 2 channels fitted to the Marantec Digital 344.2-868 receiver. You can pair Marantec remote controls operating at the same frequency. This receiver features multi-bit technology. The Marantec Digital 344.2-868 universal receiver is a product from a series designed by Marantec with the aim of ensuring the protection of property and people: it is a very secure system which will allow you to benefit from a reliable and functional motorization system. The degree of protection of this receiver is IP 65: this means that it is able to withstand humid environmental conditions, and splashes of water and dust. Thanks to this model, you can connect two control elements (two remote controls or wall contactors), and you can use it on motorized systems such as your garage door, your gate and even your exterior lighting. Memorize compatible transmitters on your receiver If you want to memorize several transmitters, know that it is possible: thanks to this universal receiver, expand the range of possibilities even further. Indeed, thanks to the large memory of this receiver, you will be able to program many remote controls: its memory will be difficult to saturate. All transmitters can be memorized with self-learning, a system which will greatly simplify the initialization of your remote controls on the receiver’s memory. Therefore, programming a new remote control via the receiver or the old remote control will no longer be a daunting task. To register compatible transmitters on your Marantec Digital 344.2-868 receiver, nothing could be simpler: Start by removing the flap from your box Then set your transmitter to the channel of your choice (if channel 1 is already taken, register your new transmitter on channel 2): to do this, press the “TA1” or “TA2” button for at least 3 seconds (channel 1 or 2) Then press the button of your choice on your new transmitter within 10 seconds the operation An LED should light up until the button is released: this is the sign that your Marantec Digital 344.2-868 receiver has correctly registered your new transmitter You can then close the flap on your box How to delete the receiver memory? If you want to clear your receiver’s memory in the event of an error or simply to reset your transmitters, the operation will be just as easy as registering transmitters: Press the “TA1” or “TA2” key (depending on the channel you want to reset) and hold. The LED will flash after 3 seconds, and the LED will turn on when all transmitters have been removed. You can then release the “TA” button Technical characteristics This receiver benefits from a 12-24V AC/DC power supply and an absorbed current of approximately 50 mA. It will operate at a frequency of 868 MHz and will be compatible with all transmitters of this frequency. Its IP65 protection rating protects its case from humidity and water. You can therefore install it outdoors without any worries. In addition, its operation will be effective at temperatures between -20 to 60°C. Product Warranty The product warranty only covers defective parts due to poor quality or material and internal failures, and does not cover failures due to improper maintenance or poor quality battery. If you wish, you can extend the warranty to one or even two years. For more information on our guarantee, do not hesitate to consult our general conditions of sale.

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