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SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 (Refurbished - Very Good Condition)


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Note: Non-contractual photo Note #2: The manufacturer indicates that SOMFY IO-Home products do not work with SOMFY RTS technology. The SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 (Reference: 1037689) is motorized equipment from the SOMFY brand with a motor torque of 10 N and a speed of 17 revolutions per minute. Efficient and compatible with SOMFY iO systems, it is available for purchase in a few clicks on Allo Remote Control.

Presentation of the SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 (Refurbished – Very Good Condition) Motorizing a roller shutter becomes child’s play thanks to the SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 (Refurbished – Very Good Condition) system. This engine version is more efficient than the SOMFY OXIMO IO 6/17 (Ref: 1032700). The engine torque is 10 Newtons and the speed remains at 17 revolutions per minute. This product operates with a supply voltage of 230 V – 50 Hz. Like its less powerful version, it has electronic limit switches. A quality SOMFY shutter motor also indicates that this motor works in tri-frequencies (868-870 MHz) and is equipped with an integrated receiver of the SOMFY IO model. The French manufacturer has also taken into account the security of your radio signal. This by integrating a 128-bit encryption key to reinforce the strength of the signal. For added convenience, the SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 (Refurbished – Very Good Condition) informs your compatible remote control of the successful completion of an action, and you will see a green LED light up to indicate that the desired action has been performed . Equipped with frost protection, this roller shutter motor adjusts to variations in the length of your shutter to provide the necessary power and open or close your shutter efficiently. Compatibility of SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 (Refurbished – Very Good Condition) We encourage you to consult the “Scope of application” section of the engine manual, located on page 2 of the instructions, accessible via this link. The manufacturer also emphasizes that this motor is an adaptable solution, capable of adjusting to all types of roller shutters, links, stops and accessories in the SOMFY LT range. In addition, your roller shutter motorization can be configured with radio transmitters from the SOMFY iO range, such as: SITUO IO; SITUATION IO A/M; SITUO IO MOBILE SOMFY TELIS 1 IO SOMFY IMPRESARIO CHRONIS IO and finally, the SOMFY KEYTIS IO model Programming the SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 (Refurbished – Very Good Condition) The installation and configuration of this product are made easier thanks to a variety documents provided by SOMFY for this device. First of all, a complete manual directly from the manufacturer is available for download via this link. If you prefer to consult the essential steps for installing your roller shutters, a “summary” version of the manual, also created by SOMFY, is also at your disposal. SOMFY OXIMO IO 10/17 FAQ (Refurbished – Very Good Condition) Can I motorize this product remotely? Yes ! SOMFY has a digital portal dedicated to the use of these engine models. This is the Tahoma web portal specially designed by the SOMFY firm. Where can I find other SOMFY brand products? You can find other SOMFY brand products on Allo Remote Control by clicking on the link here. Can you tell me more about the SOMFY brand? In the field of home automation, motorization and automation, Somfy is one of the market leaders. Founded in 1969, its core market is in the field of motorization and automation of building openings as well as motorization. Present in various European countries such as Germany, Sweden is also present throughout the world in the United States, Canada and even Australia. The French company currently has 125 subsidiaries and employs more than 800 people. Proof of its success, it recorded a turnover of 1 billion and 200 million euros during the year 2019. It is a company considered to be the leader in its field currently. Why buy this product on Allo Remote Control? First, know that your satisfaction is the priority. We will handle your product with great care. Then, your order is shipped the same day. Then the 1 year warranty is offered (possible extension up to 2 years – see CGV) Finally, telephone assistance (08 99 25 30 57) or by email ( available 5 days a week

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