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Thomson photocells (510056) for Thomson, Extel, Avidsen motors for Thomson, Extel, Avidsen motors


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Note: Although their appearance is similar, the Thomson Photocells (510056) should not be confused with the AVIDSEN Photocells (114359) Note #2: These photocells replace the Avidsen Photocell Set The Thomson Photocells (510056) are the ideal accessory to protect your home. With a range of 20 m and powered by 12/24 V DC, they will protect your gate from obstacles and, by extension, increase its lifespan.

Presentation of Thomson Photocells (510056) Note: Although their appearance is similar, Thomson Photocells (510056) and AVIDSEN Photocells (114359) should not be confused Note #2: These photocells replace the Avidsen Photocell Set Secure entry of your home from possible shocks is a necessity. Whether it is a balloon, an individual or an animal, they can compromise the condition of your opening system by hitting it. To avoid this situation, photocells are made for this. Round or rectangular in shape, these devices are intended to avoid obstacles. We could, moreover, summarize this product by calling it infrared beam presence detectors. This is the case for Thomson Photocells (510056). Integrated infrared signal This protection device is powered by 12/24 V DC and has the effect, according to the manufacturer, of stopping the operation of your automation. It is equipped with an infrared signal which can detect an obstacle over a distance of 20 meters! Additionally, the operating temperature of this product is estimated to be between -20 and 60°C. This means that, regardless of the environment where your system is located, it will be able to withstand extremely cold or very high temperatures. As you will have understood, Thomson Photocells (510056) have the ability to adapt wherever they are placed. Composition of Thomson Photocells (510056) In this set of photocells, you have the following items included: the RX receiving photocell the TX emitting photocell the infrared beam lens and several screws. To identify which one corresponds to the set of letters RX and TX, please look at the label on the back of the photocells. Compatibility of Thomson Photocells (510056) The manufacturer specifies that this model of photocells is compatible with the following gate motors: Thomson models, Extel devices and finally, with Avidsen products. In addition, it should also be noted that these photocells are compatible with all models, with the exception of wireless PSF type motors. Installation of Thomson Photocells (510056) To find out more about the installation of these photocells, please consult the user manual for this product, by clicking here. How to install your photocells? (in 5 steps) First, refer to the label on the rear panel to identify the TX transmitter and RX receiver photocell. Then, install the receiving photocell (RX is written on the back) on the side where the control box or the motor containing the electronic control card is located. The surface of the pillars must be perfectly flat in order to properly align the infrared beam of the photocells. Then, place the photocells at exactly the same height relative to the ground, they must be perfectly aligned and parallel to each other. Please note that the distance between the exterior face of the gate and the photocells must be between 10 and 15 cm. Finally, attach the photocells to the pillars. Congratulations, your photocell set has been successfully installed and is ready for use. FAQ for Thomson Photocells (510056) Can you tell me more about the Thomson brand? Thomson is a French brand founded in Paris in 1893. It distinguished itself very early on thanks to its technological innovations such as TSF radios but also the first televisions. Innovative and recognized in the home automation sector, it strives to make its products accessible to everyone. Indeed, the brand works hard to provide quality products around five qualifiers which act as a credo: trust, sharing, innovation, simplicity and elegance. Where can I find other Thomson brand products? Looking for other Thomson products? Don’t panic, on Allo Remotecontrol, you have the opportunity to consult different products from the French brand, by clicking here. Why buy this product on Allo Remote Control? First, know that your satisfaction is the priority. We will handle your product with great care. Then, your order is shipped the same day Then the 1-year warranty is offered (possible extension up to 2 years – see T&Cs) Finally, telephone assistance (08 99 25 30 57) or by email (assistance is available 5 days a week

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