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Nice HSRT Repeater amplifier of radio signals

Use NICE HSRT Repeater amplifier of radio signals as an additional level of security and protection for your alarm systems!

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Nice HSRT Repeater amplifier of radio signals

The HSRT repeater is designed for the reception, control and repetition of all radio signals with Nice HS
encoding. It is compatible with the transmitters, keypads, detectors, control panels and sirens in the Nice Home Security system.

The HSRT repeater incorporates 2 radio receiver-transmitters operating at the frequency of 433 and 868 MHz with rolling code technology to guarantee optimal security levels. It receives and analyses all radio signals captured by the 2 receivers which, if signals are correct, are re-transmitted by the 2 transmitters.

It enables significant improvements in the radio range for systems installed in more complex environments, i.e. where radio signals are reduced due to shielding structures, such as reinforced concrete, or in the case of long distances between the positions of the various devices present.

HSRT has a function to indicate power failure, and 2 inputs (one NO and one NC) for auxiliary alarm signals. It is mainspowered and contains a rechargeable battery that enables 3 days autonomy also in the event of a power failure. It is also fitted with an anti-tamper device.


Absorbed power: < 0.9 W on stand by; < 4 W during battery recharging

Backup power supply: with rechargeable lead battery 6V 1,2Ah

Autonomy in event of power failure: approx. 3 days according to intensity of use

Radio receivers: 2; at 433MHz and 868 MHz; sensitivity -105 dB

Radio encoding: Nice HS

Radio transmitters: 2; at 433MHz and 868 MHz; with quartz control

Radio range: 100 m in open field free of disturbance or approx. 20 m inside buildings

Protection rating: IP40 (with container intact)


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