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Nice HSKIT1GWFR Home Alarm system kit – Keypad

With this ergonomic, state-of-the-art Nice HSKIT1GWFR Home Alarm system kit – Keypad, you can keep your house under control even when your are away!


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Nice HSKIT1GWFR Home Alarm system kit – Keypad

Nice HSKIT1GWFR Home Alarm system kit- keypad is used for wired or wireless installations designed for the protection of residential spaces. It is used to detect intrusion, break-in attempts, fire risks and water leaks.

It is equipped with a presence detector and an opening detector. Nice HSKIT1GWFR Home Alarm system kit works with 9 V (12 Ah) batteries. It comes with a 4-channel NICE remote control.

Alloremotecontrol is fully committed to ensure customers satisfaction, it guarantees a one-year warranty on all its products. You can even get a two-year warranty extension when finalizing your order. (See General Sales Conditions)



Nice HSKIT1GWFR Home Alarm system kit contains :

  • 1 PSTN and GSM control unit (ref. : HSCU1GFR)
  • 1 Wireless detector of presence(ref. : HSDIM10)
  • 1  9 V power, 12 Ah (ref. : HSPS1)
  • 1 Wireless door opening detector (ref. : HSDID1)
  • 1 4-channel NICE remote control (HSTX4 remote control)

Electrical connection must be made by qualified personnel only!


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