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Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit (R925295-00001)

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The Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit (R925295-00001) is a kit produced by the BFT brand aimed at automating heavy and sliding gates weighing up to 1,000 kg. It is notably composed of indicators but also photocells for optimal safety.

Presentation of the Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit The Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit is a kit composed of multiple elements for automating sliding gates. The first is the BFT ares ultra Bt A 1000 engine (P926193-00002). With a leaf movement speed of 9 m per minute and equipped with a magnetic limit switch, it is powered by 24 V and is equipped with two technologies specific to BFT. the one called D-Track (which allows you to adapt the force of the motor to push or pull your gate) and U-Link (which connects the various BFT products to each other) This product has a power of 240 W and is designed for intensive use. It can also be used at a temperature of -20°C to 55°C and classified with protection index IP44. This indicates that this product is protected against solid bodies greater than 1 mm and also against projections coming from all directions. In addition, this motorization is configurable using the BFT MERAK control unit, also supplied. For a quality user experience This kit is also composed of a BFT RADIUS LED BT A R1 flashing light. With a quality integrated antenna, this flashing light is used to indicate that your system is in the process of opening and closing. To identify this action, BFT thought of putting an LED flasher (also 24 V) visible from a long distance so that you know that this device is in operation. Another safety device, BFT COMPACTA A20-180 photocells are included in this kit. With their range of 20 m, they are used to detect obstacles on the path to your gate. Whether it is a ball, an individual or a child, the shock can be avoided by alerting your motorization of an obstacle close to your gate. In addition, this accessory can be oriented horizontally 180° (90° to the right and/or left) in order to have better detection of possible obstacles. Use of the Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit This product is suitable according to the manufacturer for sliding gates whose weight is: 1000 kg maximum Composition of the Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit The manufacturer informs that these products are present at inside this kit: a BFT Ares ultra Bt A 1000 motor (P926193-00002) a BFT MERAK U-link control unit (I700032-10001) a BFT RADIUS LED light (D114093-00003) a set of BFT compacta photocells ( P111782) Installation of the Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit The installation process for each element of the kit is detailed throughout the product in paper version. You can also consult the motor manual in PDF version on Allo Remotecontrol by clicking here. Ares Ultra BT A1000 Pro Kit FAQ Can you tell me more about the BFT brand? In business since 1981, BFT is an Italian company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of home automation. Remote controls, receivers, code keypads and many other references are part of the accessories for your automations that they produce. Known for their design qualities, the Italian manufacturer’s products and spare parts are exported across Europe. It should also be noted that the SOMFY group bought the company in 2014. Thanks to this buyout, the company was able to expand its market internationally. In addition, BFT has more than 160 employees in Italy and more than 90 employees in its sites abroad. Where can I find other BFT brand products? You can find other BFT brand devices on Allo Remote Control, by clicking here. Why buy this product on Allo Remote Control? First, know that your satisfaction is the priority. We will handle your product with great care. Then, your order is shipped the same day Then the 1-year warranty is offered (possible extension up to 2 years – see T&Cs) Finally, telephone assistance (08 99 25 30 57) or by email (assistance is available 5 days a week

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