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CAME 8K40CF-012 Audio Intercom KIT


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The CAME 8K40CF-012 intercom kit allows you to increase the security of your home while making the task of opening your gate easier. With an internal audio station and an external station, you will have one of the best products from the CAME brand.

Presentation of the CAME 8K40CF-012 Audio Intercom kit For your home, what could be better than an intercom? In fact, this audible alert device allows you to notify you of the arrival of a visitor, but also to verify their identity for greater security. The CAME 8K40CF-012 two-wire audio intercom kit fulfills these two functions wonderfully. An easy-to-use audio station This CAME 8K40CF-012 audio intercom kit is composed of a CAME PERLA indoor audio station. Measuring 110 mm in height, 31 mm in width and 70 mm in thickness, this device will provide you with information regarding the presence of a visitor. You can open your entrance easily by pressing the dedicated button (shaped like a key) to let it enter. Also, the audio quality of this device is maximum and the discretion of calls received is certain. Usable even in the dark But that’s not all, the central ring of the CAME PERLA has blue backlighting. Which means that even in the dark you can use it. On this same central ring, you have two intercommunal calls available and two keys for the auxiliary functions of the CAME PERLA. Additionally, you have the option to set the ringtone of this device. The CAME LITHOS external station included For your small residential installation, the CAME LITHOS external station is included in this CAME 8K40CF-012 kit. With its AISI 316L brushed stainless steel finish, its two-wire wiring system, and its high-efficiency 4 LED illuminator, it is very functional and will provide you with all the comfort you need. Besides, you can realize the mic volume adjustment as you like. Solid, it is classified with the IP54 protection index. This means that this device is protected against dust and liquid splashes. In addition, you can install this product directly as a wall light. Contents of the CAME 8K40CF-012 Audio Intercom kit Among the products that are included inside your CAME 8K40CF-012 Audio Intercom kit, you can find: A PERLA interior audio station A LITHOS exterior station A double height button A converter suitable for CAME cabinets A technical manual Installation of the CAME 8K40CF-012 Audio Intercom kit How to install the PERLA indoor audio station First, press the button (1) of this indoor audio station. Then, unhook the device holder by sliding it. Then, attach the bracket to the recessed box or directly to the wall using the screws provided, avoiding over-tightening the screws. How to install the device at a height suitable for the user: First, make the connections and hang the device on the support. Then, to remove the device from the support, press the button and lift the device. For more information on the configuration of this indoor audio station, we invite you to consult the PDF instructions for this product on Allo Remote Control by clicking here. How to program the LITHOS external station: If you would like more information on the installation of the LITHOS external station, please find out by consulting the PDF sheet for this product by clicking here. FAQ of the CAME 8K40CF-012 Audio Intercom kit Can you tell me more about the CAME brand? Firstly, the CAME brand is an Italian brand founded in 1970. Then, specialized in motors and automatic opening systems, the Italian firm is a must in the field of security. With receivers, remote controls and other accessories, the more than forty-year-old company is one of the leaders in the home automation market. Established in several countries around the world, this company has grown very quickly from a small structure to a globally recognized group. Then, nearly 1,100 employees are behind the company’s growing success. The Italian group sells quality, ergonomic and very robust residential automation products. Finally, all the innovations coming out of CAME HQ in Italy are designed with the aim of best responding to customer demand. Where can I find other CAME brand products? You can find other CAME brand products on Allo Remote Control by clicking on the link here

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