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CAME FAST 70 kit for gates with leaves (001U-1872)


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The CAME FAST 70 kit from CAME allows you to motorize a gate with two leaves measuring a maximum of 2.30 m per leaf. By purchasing this CAME FAST 70 kit, you are purchasing a kit that is simple to set up, thanks to complete instructions provided, but also of high quality because it was designed by the engineers of the Italian brand.

Presentation of the CAME FAST 70 kit With the CAME Fast 70 kit from CAME, you have an all-terrain kit for articulated arm automation. This is to motorize a gate with two leaves of 2.30 m maximum per leaf. By purchasing this CAME FAST 70 kit in 230 V, you obtain a kit that is simple to install, but also high performance. Whether it is the FA70230CB gear motor or the CAME AF43S plug-in radio card, you can be sure of using quality equipment. A secure remote control This CAME FAST 70 kit allows you to acquire, among other things, the CAME TOP 44FGN remote control. A renowned receiver In addition to this remote control, you will have a CAME AF43S plug-in radio card. This receiver operates on a frequency of 433.920 MHz with a 12 V/24 V (AC/DC) power supply. Its reputation is well established, as it equips most of the Italian brand’s current installations. Guaranteed protection In this CAME FAST 70 kit, you will also obtain CAME DIR10 photocells. With a range of 10m, these photocells can detect the slightest obstacle in this space to avoid damage to your engine. To protect your multiple systems from any shocks, this set of photocells will allow you not to worry. Any passage of children, animals or any other object located in the path will be notified. A flashing light included Also you have included the CAME KLED flashing light, powered by 120 V or 230 V. This alerts you in the event that people are on the path of your gate while it is in its closing or opening phase. All you have to do is look up and notice the flashing yellow light to be alerted to the situation. Detail of the CAME FAST 70 kit In this kit, you obtain the following products: An irreversible CAME FA70230CB gear motor with integrated electronic card and articulated transmission arm for leaves up to 2.30 meters. 1 irreversible “slave” gear motor with articulated transmission arm (CAME F70230) A CAME AF43S plug-in radio card A remote control, four functions CAME TOP 44FGN. A set of CAME DIR10 type photocells with a range of 10 m A CAME KLED X flashing light A CAME KIAROS type flashing support for wall mounting Complete programming instructions Installation of the CAME FAST 70 kit To install the CAME FA70230CB gear motor: We invite you to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for this product on Allo Remote Control by clicking on the link here To program my CAME AF43S plug-in radio card WARNING: DANGER OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. THIS PRODUCT SHOULD ONLY BE HANDLED OR INSTALLED BY QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. For more information on programming your receiver, we invite you to consult the product programming instructions on our site by clicking here How to program my remote control to my receiver: Open the radio receiver (you must follow the wire of the antenna to locate it). Press the push button on the receiver. The latter is identifiable, because it says MEMO; REC; ENR; PROG on the radio board (for some receivers, simply press the MEMO button once and release it. For others, you have to hold the MEMO button). A light on the radio board lights up or flashes. Press the button on your remote control for a second then release it. Wait for the light on the radio board to go out. Test the remote control and close your radio receiver. Well done ! Your remote control is now programmed. Programming the Came TOP44FGN remote control How to program my remote control from another remote control: Take the two remote controls then move closer to your receiver (max 5m). Press the already programmed button on your old remote control for 10 seconds until the LED is solid. You have 20 seconds to register the button of your choice on your new remote control. You can register multiple remote controls at once. Congratulations ! Your new remote control is programmed! If you would like to view the instructions in PDF, click on the link here Installation of CAME DIR10 photocells To program your CAME DIR10 photocells, you must: First, position them opposite each other Fix the photocells at a height approximately 50 cm from the ground. Provide, if necessary, the housing for the base for recessed mounting and fix it Secure the box to the wall or base using the screws provided and any dowels Finally, select the type of power supply and make the necessary connections. Warning: to remove the card, only force on the indicated side. Secure the cover. For more information, we invite you to consult the manufacturer’s instructions here How to install the CAME KLED flashing light For more information and details on the procedure to follow, you can consult the PDF instructions for use on our site by clicking here In order to install this flashing light, you must: Provide the necessary power cables. Open the flashing light (A) and pierce the base from the bottom (B). Route the cables coming from the cabinet through the hole. Next, attach the turn signal light base to the C-pillar using the appropriate screws and anchors. Connect the wires to the turn signal board. Close everything.

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