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Motorizing your sliding gate has never been so simple! Thanks to the BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 kit, you will have in your possession a product that is fast, easy to use, efficient and which will provide you with great security!

Presentation of the BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 Kit Do you want to motorize your sliding gate? With the BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 kit, you will have at your disposal the most efficient products from the BFT brand! A high-performance motor Inside this kit, the BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 motor can be used for sliding gates with the following dimensions: with a maximum width of 8 meters and a maximum weight of 600 kg Powered by 24 V , this motorization allows your gate to open easily and quickly. Made for residential use, it has a new magnetic limit switch design. This is for a fast, efficient and precise installation with the aim of integrating as best as possible into your installation. Two four-button remote controls supplied The BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 kit allows you to obtain two BFT MITTO BRCB 04 rolling code remote controls. Functional for frequencies of 433.92 MHz, it is coded in rolling code, also called rolling code. The latter varies with each new pulse following an algorithm recorded in the transmitter during programming. The receiver of your motorization will activate if the rolling code transmitted by the transmitter is in phase with the algorithm it has in memory. You will have understood, you will have a higher level of security than other transmitters thanks to this product! In addition, thanks to the four buttons of this device, you can control a multitude of motors with a single transmitter. A kit designed for your safety In addition to power but also performance, this kit offers BFT COMPACTA photocells. Thanks to this accessory, you will not have to fear damage to your motor, over a range of 20 meters! In addition, you will benefit from the 24 V BFT RADIUS LED BT A R1 flashing light included. A very useful object to indicate whether or not your gate is working. No doubt, choosing this kit means ensuring your safety. Content of the BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 motorization kit Inside this BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 kit, you will obtain the following products: A 24 V electromechanical sliding gate motor DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 An electronic control unit, coupled with a incorporated dual-channel receiver BFT MERAK A set of BFT COMPACTA photocells A 24V flashing light with incorporated antenna (BFT RADIUS LED BT A R1 24V) Two four-key rolling code remote controls BFT MITTO BRCB 04 A complete user manual Installation of the BFT DEIMOS Kit BT ULTRA A600 DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 Motor Programming To learn more about the installation of this motor, you can read the user manual of this product in PDF format here. Installation of the BFT MERAK electronic control unit For more information on the BFT MERAK control unit, please refer to the relevant section in the user manual, which can be viewed in PDF here. Installation of BFT COMPACTA photocells You can consult the instructions for use of this product on Allo Remote Control by clicking here. Installation of the BFT RADIUS LED BT A R1 24V flashing light You will find out more about the installation of this product by consulting the detailed instructions for it, supplied with your kit. Configuring the BFT MITTO BRCB 04 remote control How to program your BFT MITTO BRCB 04 remote control? (in five steps) First, get a programmed remote control as well as the one you want to program. Position yourself less than 1 m from the control center. Next, look at the back of the programmed remote. If it has a button on the back, press it for a second. If it doesn’t have one, press both buttons simultaneously until the light comes on. Then, press the button you want to copy. If the motor starts, start again at step 1. Finally, wait about 1 minute, then test the operation of the remote controls. Congratulations ! Your remote is programmed and ready to use! BFT DEIMOS BT ULTRA A600 Kit FAQ Can you tell me more about the BFT brand? In business since 1981, BFT is an Italian company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of home automation. Note that the SOMFY group bought the company in 2014, and thanks to this buyout, the company was able to expand its market internationally. Moreover, BFT has more than 160 employees in Italy and more than 90 employees in its sites abroad. BFT also has around 20 subsidiaries worldwide with more than 500 distributors. In France, BFT has nearly 7 establishments. The brand was able to create a truly global network, it is now present throughout the world.

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