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MARANTEC D528-868 fingerprint reader Ref: 101168


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Note: The manufacturer informs that production of this transmitter has been stopped. It is replaced by the Digicode MARANTEC D526-868 101163

Control all your motor systems in a unique way! Using your fingerprints, this reader is capable of controlling up to two Marantec automations. Marantec reference: 101168

Presentation of the MARANTEC D528-868 reader Thanks to this fingerprint reader, turn controlling your engines into child’s play. The MARANTEC D528-868 fingerprint reader has a memory capacity of up to 20 different fingerprints: you will be able to record the fingerprints of you and your loved ones in the blink of an eye. In addition, the MARANTEC D528-868 reader is compatible with all Marantec operators operating at a frequency of 868 MHz: from the Marantec Comfort 260 to the Marantec Comfort 280 motor, this reader will adapt to all your bi-linked motors and accessories. On the other hand, if you are equipped with Marantec Comfort motors, consider equipping yourself with a 921 digital antenna to make the accessories compatible with the Marantec bi-linked system. Bi-linked technology Bi-linked, or bidirectional, technology is a radio technology designed by Marantec. This is based on 128-bit encryption. This system is used for Rolling Code. Rolling Code is a powerful security system based on precise and complex algorithms that can help prevent your system from being hacked or destroyed. All Marantec products that use bi-linked technology are manufactured in factories specifically designed for Marantec accessories and products to ensure the safety and reliability of all products. Using Marantec’s bi-linked system, a garage door or gate can be opened and/or closed simply by pressing a button on the remote control. It is a highly secure and easy to use system. In the case of the MARANTEC D528-868 fingerprint reader, you will only have to touch the reading surface of your fingerprints to open and close your automations with ease. Dimensions, style and capacities of the MARANTEC D528-868 reader The MARANTEC D528-868 reader is equipped with a sliding protective cover: this cover can be opened and closed according to your needs. Open, the MARANTEC D528-868 reader has dimensions of 81 x 195 x 35 mm and closed, its dimensions are 81 x 118 x 35 mm. An LED is available for you to alert you in all circumstances that the order has been taken into account: the LEDs will constantly inform you of the status of your reader. The MARANTEC D528-868 reader benefits from an efficient protection index: IP54. This index allows it to be used outdoors protected from splashing water and dust. You will need to recharge your MARANTEC D528-868 player with 1.5 V and AAA type batteries. Like many Marantec brand accessories, the MARANTEC D528-868 reader is compatible with bi-linked wireless technology: we advise you to use a Digital 921 antenna to be sure you can operate all your bi-linked accessories optimally. -linked. Administrator and user fingerprints You will be able to register your fingerprints as a user or administrator. The fingerprints registered as administrators will be reserved for daily users of the MARANTEC D528-868 reader: you will only be able to register two administrator fingerprints. However, you can register up to 20 fingerprints in “user” mode. Order your accessory without further delay on Allo Remotecontrol This accessory is a digital code which will allow you to open and close your automations with ease: you have never experienced such ease of use before. To try this accessory is to adopt it. In addition, if you order the MARANTEC D528-868 reader today on our site, your order will be shipped within 24 hours of your purchase. We offer you a one-year guarantee for any purchase on our site: this guarantee can be renewed for an additional year: for more information, do not hesitate to consult our General Terms and Conditions. We also have many other Marantec accessories on our site: we invite you to take a look. Please note: this player comes with 4 batteries and mounting kit.

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