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FAAC SL Receiver Kit 787833 + Decoding Tab 785506


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Note: This product replaces the FAAC RP 433SL Receiver model Discover the FAAC SL Receiver Kit 787833 Decoding tab 785506 on Allo Remote Control. The receiver that comes with this purchase has 433 MHz encoding and has two channels. Moreover, it is compatible with FAAC XT2 433SL and FAAC XT4 433SL remote controls.

Presentation of the FAAC SL Receiver Kit 787833 FAAC 785506 decoding tab Manage your gate motorization with ease with the FAAC 787833 Decoding Tab 785506 Receiver Kit. It is an element notably composed of a FAAC 433mhz receiver 787833. Programming of your receiver is simplified because its coding is self-learning. In this way, the intervention of a technician is not necessary. Self-learning is a feature that allows a receiver to memorize a system’s control codes. This allows your transmitter to control the device without having to manually enter command codes. The receiver in this kit is coded to a frequency of 433.92 MHz and is connected to a mains power supply. Additionally, it has two channels. The other item included in this kit is the 785506 Decoding Tab, which allows you to operate your receiver. Compatibility of the FAAC SL 787833 Receiver Kit FAAC decoding tab The receiver included in this kit works with: FAAC XT2 433SL remote controls then with FAAC XT4 433SL transmitters But for your receiver to operate, the receiver must be associated with the FAAC 785506 Decoding Tab. To make your task easier, the latter is provided in this product. Programming the FAAC SL Receiver Kit 787833 FAAC 785506 decoding tab All programming information for each product is available in paper version in the respective packaging. FAAC SL Receiver Kit FAQ 787833 Decoding tab 785506 Why buy this product on Allo Remote Control? First, know that your satisfaction is the priority. We will handle your product with great care. Then, your order is shipped the same day. Then the 1 year warranty is offered (possible extension up to 2 years – see CGV) Finally, telephone assistance (08 99 25 30 57) or by email ( available 5 days a week Where to find other FAAC brand products? You can find other FAAC brand products on Allo Remote Control by clicking on the link here. Can you tell me more about the FAAC brand? FAAC is an Italian brand specializing in the manufacture of automation control devices for gates, barriers and garage doors. Founded in 1965 by Giuseppe Manini, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of these products in Europe and around the world. It offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of different types of customers, ranging from individuals to professionals. Among its flagship products, we can cite operators for gates and garage doors, remote controls, presence sensors and mounting accessories. Present on 5 continents and with around thirty subsidiaries around the world, FAAC has established itself as a benchmark in opening and closing automation solutions. This is thanks to the reliability, durability and elegant design of its products. FAAC offers automation for gates, for garage doors, for industrial doors, for pedestrian doors, as well as a multitude of other products and accessories intended to improve your comfort.

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