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DICKERT E30Q-868A100


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Take advantage of the DICKERT E30Q-868A100 Receiver on Allo Remote Control! Manufactured by DICKERT, it operates at a frequency of 868.3 MHz and requires a 12 to 24 V (AC-DC) power supply.

Presentation of the DICKERT E30Q-868A100 Receiver The DICKERT E30Q-868A100 Receiver is a DICKERT brand product available on the Allo Remotecontrol website now. Its frequency is 868.3 MHz and its power supply is 12-24 V (AC-DC). It is a single-channel device that can, thanks to its small size, be installed anywhere, even in the tightest places. As proof, it is square in shape and has a length and width of 46 mm and a thickness of 21 mm. Its weight is 70 grams and its coding system is self-learning. In addition, this receiver has a memory of 25 codes, meaning you can store 25 different remote controls with this device. Compatibility of the DICKERT E30Q-868A100 Receiver This receiver is compatible with: The DICKERT HS868-00 remote control the DICKERT HS868-21 transmitter then with the DICKERT ISN-868A1000 the DICKERT S10-868A1K00 then with the DICKERT S10-868A4K00 also with the DICKERT S10 -868A1L00 DICKERT S10-868A4L00 DICKERT S10-868A4K08-NICE DICKERT S20-868A1K00 DICKERT S20-868A4K00 DICKERT S20-868A1L00 DICKERT S20-868A4L00 DICKERT S20-868A4000 D ICKERT S5Q-868A2L00 DICKERT S5Q-868A2K00 DICKERT S5U-868A2L00 DICKERT S5U-868A2K00 the DICKERT S8Q-868A04K00 DICKERT S8Q-868A15K00 more with the DICKERT S8Q-868A04L00 finally with the DICKERT S8Q-868A15L00 Programming the DICKERT E30Q-868A100 Receiver To find out more about programming this receiver, you can consult its manual by clicking on the link here. DICKERT E30Q-868A100 Receiver FAQ What is the operating temperature of this product? This receiver has an estimated operating temperature between -20°C and 50°C. Can you tell me more about the DICKERT brand? Dickert Electronic GmbH is a company founded in 1984 by Hans Dickert. It specializes in electronics for automation, remote controls, but also for access systems. Known for providing quality, safe and customer-oriented products, DICKERT has invested nearly 5 million euros in 2022 to develop its premises and activities. Proof of its qualities, the German company supplies customers around the world in various sectors including the construction of gates, water management, elevators, but also alarms and security technologies. Lighting management is also affected. Each year, more than 300,000 transmitters (and more than 300 variants) leave the premises of the DICKERT factory. Do you have other DICKERT products on your site? DICKERT offers products such as remote controls by clicking on this link. Do you want receivers? DICKERT also has other references available at this link. Why buy this product on Allo Remote Control? First, your order is shipped the same day Then the 1-year warranty is offered (possible extension up to 2 years – see T&Cs) Finally, telephone assistance (08 99 25 30 57) or by email ( is available 5 days a week

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