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CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter


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The CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter is a device that will bring you instant satisfaction. Coded on a frequency of 433.92 MHz, this item works thanks to a CR2032 battery. Reliable and easy to handle, this device has everything to seduce you.

Presentation of the CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter

On Allo Remote Control, a new transmitter is available. The CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter allows you to control the system of your choice. For your entry door or your garage door, this CARDIN item is, indeed, very useful.

The presence of the number #1 in the name of this remote is a clear reference to the number of channels available. You would think it is a drawback? Not at all. The presence of only one button largely reduces the potential risks of mishandling. You won’t be appealed (on the CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter) to push another button except for the one available.

An item easy to use by anyone

Moreover, this remote has a frequency of 433.92 MHz and it is powered by a CR2032 battery. Furthermore, its coding will be done directly into your receiver. This means you won’t need a specialist to make it work and use it!

Plus, the small size of the CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter makes it easy to be stored in the spot of your choice. In a bag, a jean’s pocket, or in a drawer, there are plenty of possibilities to store your brand new system.

Compatibility of the CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter

According to the manufacturer, this item is available with the following transmitters :

Programming of the CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter

If you are looking to code your remote from your radio receiver, you’re in luck. Just follow the following 6 steps :

  1. Firstly, open your radio receiver’s box.
  2. Then, on the radio card, press the “Memo” button. A light turns on and blinks slowly.
  3. Thirdly, take one of your remote controls and push the channel you want to set up. The light turns off.
  4. Release the “Memo” button and the button of your transmitter. The light on your radio car starts to blink again.
  5. To add, push back the same button on your remote. The light turns off to confirm the registration of your remote. Repeat the maneuver for every button and remote you need to register.
  6. Congratulations! Your remote is ready to go.

Common questions about the CARDIN S449 QZ1 transmitter

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