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CAME FROG 24V 001U1990


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CAME FROG 24V 001U1990 is a complete system for swing gates with two leaves measuring max. 3.5 m per leaf. It provides an invisible solution for the automation of your gates for residential or condominium use.


The Frog Residential Underground Swing Gate Operator is ideal for ornamental swing gates.

This swing gate can be easily installed below grade in a waterproof housing, and protected by a steel access plate that is flush with the driveway surface.

CAME FROG 24V 001U1990 is solid, durable, yet invisible.

The case of steel foundation with antioxidant treatment and cataphoresis treatment makes it water-proof. The degree of protection against external agents IP67 always makes it fully functional even in the worst situations.

CAME FROG 24V 001U1990 can be easily installed but it requires the pre-installation of the the foundation box. (installation preserves the aesthetics of your entrances)

This swing gate has many advantages :

• High degree of protection (IP67) from weather agents which makes it sturdy
• Can open up to 180° (with the 001FL-180 accessory).
• FROG-AE and FROG-A24E with encoder technology,
tested according to the parameters established by law.
• The 24 V versions can also operate during power outages.
• Special rust-proof treated steel foundation box.
• Built-in adjustable gate-leaf stops.

Other CAME FROG 24V 001U1990 funtions: 

There are levers movement to get special rotations of the doors even up to 180° and to better manage the space.


Qualified personnel only must make electrical connection!

Find below all the items delivered to you.


FROG-A24   2 x

Irreversible gearmotor for swing gates measuring up to 3.5 m per leaf, with adjustable closing leaf-stop, 24V DC


Foundation box with cataphoretic rustproof treatment, resetting release lever, gate fastening brace and screw for adjusting the opening limit-switch point


Control panel for swing gates with two leaves


Release device with key EURO DIN

TOP-432EV   2x

Two-channel multiuser transmitter with self-learning function (16,777,216 in TAM mode, 4,096 combinations in TOP mode). 433,92 MHz






antenna  cable 5 m


 Pair of 12 – 24 V AC – DC outdoor photocells – range 10 m


LED flashing light signaller 24V DC


flashing light support

1 gate plate

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