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CAME ATPD4 remote


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The CAME ATPD4 remote is a device used to control systems belonging to the CAME BROWN LINE range. With a frequency of 868.35 MHz and its 4 channels, you will be amazed by its unique ease of use.

Presentation of the CAME ATPD4 remote

Open and close your entrance gate is possible thanks to a remote control. And to manage the engines belonging to the CAME BROWN LINE range, there is nothing better than the CAME ATPD4. A four-channel transmitter, the CAME ATPD4 can manage many of your gates and assign an open/close function to them. This asset allows you to benefit from four different channels in only one remote control. But that’s not all.

This device has a frequency of 868.35 MHz. Coding this item on this frequency gives it a wider range than the traditional ones. The range is a key factor when it comes to comfort. The larger it is, the further you will be able to use a remote control. After a series of tests, it has been estimated that the range of this transmitter is up to 100 m (in normal conditions and without signal disturbances).

For example, with this range, you are allowed to :

  • use your remote inside your home and click on the open/close button of your gate
  • use it in front of your entry, which allows you to stay in your car and stay warm in case of rain or snow

Easy to handle

Nowadays, many companies tend to create smaller and smaller products. With the CAME ATPD4, CAME is no exception. With a length of 68 mm, a width of 32 mm, and a depth measured at 13 mm, you will be able to grab with no effort this remote. Thus, store this item in a bag, in a jean’s pocket, or even in a drawer is also possible. Its compact size makes its handling easier. For that reason, you can give this remote to anyone in your household, without being afraid of any mishandling.

Safety and efficiency

This remote control is included with a rolling code. This feature enhances the security of your system. How? As its name indicates, it is because of a code being rolled.

Every time you are pushing the button of your remote, a code is transmitted to your receiver. It can be the same one all the time, this is what we call a “fixed code”. But safety-wise, this is not the best, as it’s easy to duplicate. This is why the rolling code has been invented. Thanks to a highly secured algorithm, your receiver is able to decode your rolling code and activate the command you are launching. For that reason, create a pirated copy of your device becomes extremely complicated.

Compatibility of this item

The manufacturer states it is possible to use this remote control with the following systems :

  • with the CAME BROWN LINE engines

How to set up this device ?

If you are looking to set up this device, please, read the operating manual. You can find it here on our website.

Common questions about the CAME ATPD4 remote

Can you tell me more about CAME ?

CAME is an Italian brand founded in 1970. Then, specialized in the opening systems, the Italian firm is a leader in the world of automation systems. All the innovations that come out of CAME’s headquarters in Italy are designed to meet the needs of its customers. Many of their products, whether they are remote controls, receivers or batteries, are used every day by consumers around the world.

Where can I find other CAME products ?

If you are looking for other CAME products, you are in the right place. On Allo Remote Control, plenty of items from CAME are available. To check them out, please, click here.

Why should I buy this product on Allo Remote Control ?

  • First, delivery is free with the purchase of 2 or more remote controls
  • Then, your order is shipped the same day
  • Also, a 1-year warranty is offered (possible extension up to 2 years – see GSC)
  • Finally, telephone assistance (08 99 25 30 57) or by email ( is available 5 days a week

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