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Enjoy the best in security with this CAME DIR10 photocell game! Powered by a current of 12 or 24 Volts, this set of CAME DIR10 photocells is the essential accessory for your home to provide maximum security for your various engines.

Presentation of CAME DIR10 photocells Enjoy the best in security with this pair of CAM DIR10 photocells! The essential accessory Powered by a current of 12 or 24 Volts, this set of CAME DIR10 photocells is the essential accessory for your home to provide maximum security for your various engines. Maximum security First of all, thanks to its high-performance anti-crossing radius with a range of 10 m, you will be able to detect obstacles on the path of your gate motorization, your garage, your roller shutter. Furthermore, by placing your trust in this product, you ensure optimal and maximum safety. Usable in all weather These photocells can be used in all weather and all temperatures. Whether it’s -20°C or 55°C, the CAME DIR10 photocells work thanks to their manufacturing in resistant materials. Overall, thanks to their IP54 degree of protection, CAME DIR10 photocells are protected against dust as well as against splashes of water in all directions. Trust the CAME DIR models The Dir series photocells have a double height column, including the new PVC version, for installations requiring the passage of heavy goods vehicles. Design of CAME DIR10 photocells CAME DIR10 photocells are dimensioned as follows: 108 mm in height, 23 mm in thickness and 46 mm in width. Then, these photocells weigh 155 grams. In addition, they have an IP54 degree of protection. The role of CAME DIR10 photocells Infrared devices capable of detecting obstacles in the way, photocells are extremely effective for your gate, your garage entrances and your electrical systems. Thanks to the CAME DIR10 photocell system, you can avoid shocks in the electrical system of your choice. In fact, you ensure optimal peace and quiet within the comfort of your home. How it works ? Thanks to the infrared technology that accompanies these CAME DIR10 photocells, your motorization systems will be protected in all cases. The transmitter cell sends an infrared light beam to the receiver at all times. When this beam is no longer received by the receiving cell, this indicates that an obstacle is located across the closure of your gate. Subsequently, the receiving cell then sends a signal to your engine. Finally, the system will stop and block the closing of the gate until you remove the obstacle in the way. Your safety is therefore ensured thanks to the photocell system. To protect your multiple systems from any shocks, this set of photocells will allow you not to worry. Any passage of children, animals or any other objects located in the passage will be notified. Installing your CAME DIR10 photocells To install your CAME DIR 10 photocells, you must: First, position them opposite each other Fix the photocells at a height of approximately 50 cm from the ground. If necessary, provide housing for the base for flush-mounting and secure it. Attach the box to the wall or base using the screws provided and any dowels. Finally, select the type of power supply and make the necessary connections. Warning: to remove the card, only force on the indicated side. Secure the cover. For more information, we invite you to consult the manufacturer’s instructions here FAQ for the CAME DIR10 photocell What range does my photocell have? The anti-crossing radius of the photocell has a range of 10 m. What devices can protect this set of photocells? This set of photocells can detect obstacles in the path of your gate motor, your garage, your roller shutter, etc. In conclusion, you will be able to ensure total safety! Is this set of photocells protected against water and dust? Absolutely ! Thanks to its IP54 degree of protection, the CAME DIR10 photocell will be protected against dust. Finally, these photocells are protected against water splashes in all directions.

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