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ALLMATIC BIOS2 24V control unit (Ref: 12006623)


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The ALLMATIC BIOS2 24V control unit is a control unit that will allow you to control up to two gate motors with 1 or 2 leaves.

The Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit: presentation This control unit has been designed to control two motors benefiting from a direct current of 24V, as well as an absorption of 10A. You will benefit from a display screen, which will help you in many situations: for the installation of your central unit, to know the status of your central unit and your motor, or to be notified of malfunctions or problems arising from your motorization system. Thanks to the display, you can also configure your control unit as you wish. All outputs of the Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit have a 24 Vac flasher. The flashing light will allow you to exit or re-enter your property in complete safety: in fact, it will serve as a prevention and alert other vehicles of the imminent opening or closing of your gate. The control center also benefits from a courtesy light open at 24 Vac, 24 Vdc power accessories as well as a 12 Vac/15 VA electric lock. Control of more than 1000 transmitters The Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit is capable of memorizing up to 1000 transmitters thanks to an external memory. This will allow you, for example, to give your loved ones the possibility of controlling your motors using their own remote control. In addition, several functions are adjustable: the step-by-step function, partial opening, opens and closes. Therefore, prefer a 4-channel remote control which will be able to give you the benefit of these 4 opening and closing possibilities (these functions can be activated using the buttons on your Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit). Why choose a control center? The control unit is the key element of your motorization system. It is also called electronic card or control cabinet. The control unit is the one that will allow your motorization system to operate optimally, since it is it that will manage your motors and accessories. This way, your accessories and your motors will be able to work together. Why choose the Allmatic BIOS2 24V central unit? The Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit has many advantages that will allow you to control your motors with exceptional comfort. First, the Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit will manage the learning of more than 1000 transmitters (8000 in total). Secondly, it has a screen that will allow you to configure it according to your wishes. Several slowdown parameters are available for your gates: they can be differentiated in opening and closing The terminal block and the memory can be extracted The code from an old transmitter can be copied thanks to the self-learning system: the self-learning system will make it easier to programming a new remote control on your control unit Its technical characteristics The Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit has a 433 MHz frequency receiver benefiting from the Rolling Code. The Rolling code is a rolling code which will reinforce the security of your automations by allowing them to be invulnerable to attempts to force their system. You can add a pair of photocells to your motorization system and using the settings screen, you can adjust obstacle detection. Your Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit can be used at temperatures between -10°C and 55°C: do not attempt to test your control unit at temperatures higher or lower than those recommended. This central unit will not be bulky since it has dimensions equal to 140mm x 175mm x 45mm. Compatibility of the Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit This product is compatible with the following remote control models: ALLMATIC rolling-code models ALLMATIC BRO2WN systems ALLMATIC BRO4WN transmitters ALLMATIC FOR 4 devices ALLMATIC TECH3 The Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit on Allo Remotecontrol Take advantage of the Allmatic BIOS2 24V control unit on Allo Remotecontrol! We offer you test batteries for all our products as well as their instructions for use and installation to help you program your accessories. If you would like to benefit from free delivery on any purchase, add two or more remote controls to your cart. We are available 5 days a week, so do not hesitate to contact us for any information on our products, our guarantees, or our site.

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